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You Can Love Again

Over 5 Hours of Personal Coaching + 59 page workbook + bonus video training with Dr. Aesha. You will learn 

  • How to "get over it!" You'll easily Identify the ONE THING that’s been holding you back from the lasting love you want & Breakthrough to confidence and courage to love again.
  • And systematic way to stop old patterns that keep you stuck in destructive relationship cycles (Say goodbye to “Deja Vu Dating!) and how to create new empowering beliefs so you enjoy dating.
  • a quick technique to calm your triggers that make you feel needy, anxious or anything other than the AMAZING woman you know you are.
  • A 4-step process to trust your gut so you always feel confident you're making the best choices for yourself.
  • Finally feel freedom, joy, peace & bliss! 
  • And much more! 
  • BONUS trainings on getting back out in the dating world with confidence, creating authentic connection, and dating with intention. 


What People Are Saying:

“"Girl, if I had taken your class a few years ago - I would have avoided so many bad experiences! I feel so empowered this time around. I know what to look for and how to approach the online dating strategy. Having a solid plan is more than half the battle. Also being confident and knowing that there are amazing men out there seeking good women is extremely helpful too. Thank you for dedicating yourself to helping other women find love."”


“I was not satisfied with my results or lack of results from being passive and disengaged when it came to love. So, I decided that if I wanted different results, I needed to try a different strategy. I have released so much anxiety and for that I am grateful.I am a work in progress but everyday I am one step closer. You can do it! The moment I became open, men came out the woodworks quick fast and in a hurry. It was like a switch went off. I also learned to value myself more and to do things that bring me joy. ”


“"After working with you I learned that I am a gift. I also learned how to be authentic in my interaction with the new man that God brought into my life. You helped me to understand that I deserve to be loved and valued. I am now in an exclusive dating relationship with the man of my dreams. The day we decided to take our friendship to a new level he said… “I do not want to date anyone else but you.” He also said, “You are going to make a great wife.” I am so grateful that he made his intentions clear. Now we are focusing on getting to know each other and allowing God to guide our relationship to the next level. If you are contemplating making an investment to work with Dr. Aesha, just do it. You need to learn what you do not know. You need to learn what thoughts and emotions have been preventing you from being your authentic self. Your future husband is waiting for the real you to show up. Stop trying to figure it out on your own and take care of your heart’s desire for love.' ”


“For the first time in my life as a woman, I feel like I can "affect" a man without having to do a lot of work and it feels great.” ”